“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

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  1. I copied down the quote from Mark Twain. Very intuitive and progressive for his time.
    I believe the best solution for joy and unity of one people, one planet is a global government and economy with the agenda of humanity second only to ecology for with out a healthy planet it’s creatures including man will also be unhealthy, and quite possibly doomed in time.
    White men ( I am a white American of European decent) once believed a woman had fewer rights than a man… They were wrong.
    We once thought brown people had fewer rights than whites, we were wrong
    We must now know that all living things including our planet and beyond, deserve equal love, respect and consideration.
    This concept comes natural to most all living things accept human kind.
    When our actions and lifestyle are motivated by faith, hope and love as apposed to ego, greed, power and wealth maybe we can live in peace.

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